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650-Hour Program

Heated stone therapy instructionThe 650-hour program includes basic Swedish massage, specialized massage techniques, and other subjects related to the healing arts. In addition, students receive instruction in anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and Zoologik™ Anatomy in Clay lab. Our curriculum includes an emphasis on self-awareness and personal growth as an integral part of becoming a caring professional. A graduating student will have a basic working knowledge of all that is offered and taught at the school. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Recommendation upon successful completion of the program. They will also receive reduced tuition at any future South Dakota School of Massage Therapy workshops and seminars.
  • Course of study is completed in 7 months.
  • Students attend class Mondays, Tuesdays and 1/2 days on Wednesday.
  • Practice of massage techniques (clinical practice) is required outside of class each week.
  • Students must complete 10+ hours (second semester) in an internship and/or student clinic

The 650 hour program includes the courses outlined below. A total of 40 hours of unsupervised out-of-class practice and 10 hours of completing an internship and/or student clinic are required. These 50 hours are not considered part of the total 650 hours of classroom instruction.

Course Offerings

Technique room for massage and hands-on instruction

Massage and Technique Courses - As a part of each massage and technique class, each student will be giving as well as receiving treatments as part of their practice. Students will learn proper body mechanics instruction in the hands-on curriculum, as well as breathwork.

Massage Therapy I 115 hours  
Massage Therapy II 110 hours  
Massage Therapy III 125 hours  
Anatomy, Physiology, etc. 200 hours  
Pathology 40 hours  
Business & Ethics 10 hours (includes 6 hours of ethics)
Clinical Practice 50 hours  

The above 650 hours include classes in the following areas:
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